Artist Bio


Deborah Churchill, BA (Hons) PGCE, began her career as a fashion designer for brands in London and Italy. She then lectured in design and fine art textiles at several UK universities and art colleges.

She now practises as a mixed media printmaker, playing with diverse print and paint techniques to explore personal themes. She aims to experiment with blurring the visual boundaries between representation and abstraction, and often incorporates textile elements into her work to connect with her past experience in this area.


Nov 2018—Wednesday Printmakers, Richmond, London
Dec 2018—W3 Gallery, Acton, London
March 2019—Wild Thyme, Hammersmith, London
May 2019—Spaghetti Intaglio, Richmond, London
July 2019—Bedford Park Open, Chiswick, London 
Sept 2019—Gunnersbury Park Museum, Ealing, London
Nov 2019—Wednesday Printmakers, Richmond, London
Dec 2019—Questors Theatre Gallery, Ealing, London

August 2020—JG Contemporary Fields, Acton, London
Sept 2020—Pitzhanger Museum Gallery (cancelled due to Covid-19)